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Scar Academy @ the BBA

Friday 5th May 2017, Royal College of Surgeons, London, UK 

The (r)evolutions in scar management are numerous and evolving fast. The search for the ideal ther-apeutic strategy leads to new developments and fine tuning of existing approaches. The multi-disciplinary approach is the key to success, but often raises more new questions than answers. However, questioning and discussions often lead to solutions. Scar Academy invites you to take part in this process during this meeting.

Microneedling, PROMs and Mechanotherapies will be the topics of discussion in this session

Matthias Aust, Paul van Zuijlen, Zephanie Tyack and Cecilia Li-Tsang will be the experts updating us on the latest developments.

RuthAnn Fanstone and Peter Moortgat will be your hosts.