About Us

Scar Academy UK is aimed at Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses,Surgeons
and Doctors who are managing scars

The format of Scar Academy is lecture and workshop based. Lectures will take 30-40 minutes, hands-on workshops between 1 hour and 90 minutes.
There will be opportunity for questions and discussion. Each subject is covered by the relevant expert on our renowned International Faculty Team.

The first Scar Academy UK event took place in London in January 2013. It was a joined effort between the Katie Piper Foundation and OSCARE, the founding organisation of Scar Academy. The Katie Piper Foundation acted as a local organiser, providing the necessary support to make this course accessable for everybody. The event was hosted by the Queen Mary University of London.

OSCARE - www.oscare.be (Organisation for burns, scar after-care and research) is the first independent research and aftercare centre for burns and scars, and is a pioneer in the world of research and innovation regarding scar treatment. Oscare is a not-for-profit research and treatment centre run by a Multi-Disciplined Team based in Antwerp, Belgium. They founded Scar Academy in 2010 with the intention of sharing knowledge on scar treatments to ensure high quality care for every patient.


“Scar Academy exists to transform practices and outcomes in scar management”
Scar Academy, Belgium



• Professor Dr. Esther Middelkoop
Professor in Skin Regeneration and Wound Healing at VU Amsterdam, The Netherlands

• Professor Dr. Paul Van Zuijlen
Burns and Plastic Surgeon at RKZ, Beverwijk, The Netherlands

• Peter Moortgat
Physiotherapist and Research Co-ordinator at OSCARE, Antwerp, Belgium

• Drs. Koen Maertens
Managing Director OSCARE, Antwerp, Belgium

• Dr. Cynthia Lafaire
Chief Medical Officer Burns at ZNA Stuivenberg, Antwerp, Belgium

• Professor Dr. Eric Van den Kerckhove
Physiotherapist at Burns center, UZ Leuven, Belgium Professor in Rehabilitation Sciences at KU Leuven, Belgium

• Dr. Nancy Van Loey
Program leader Psychosocial and Behavioral Research at the Association of Dutch Burn Centres.

• Drs. Mieke Anthonissen
Physiotherapist and Research Fellow at UZ Leuven and OSCARE, Belgium

• Drs. Jill Meirte
Physiotherapist and Research Fellow at the University of Antwerp and OSCARE, Belgium

• Professor Simon Myers
Consultant Plastic Surgeon Barts & The London NHS Healthcare Trust

• Dr Mohammad Jawad
Consultant Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, London

• Dr Greg Williams
Hair Transplant Surgeon, Farjo Medical Centre, London

• Dr Tapan Patel
Aesthetic Physician, VIVA Clinic, London

• Mr Ioannis Goutos
Honorary clinical lecturer, Queen Mary University, London

• Rachel Kettle
Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

• RuthAnn Fanstone
Clinical Scar Specialist, Physiotherapist, The Katie Piper Foundation

• Marie Comhaire-Valange
Senior Physiotherapist, The Centre Ster Clinic for Burn Rehabilitation, Lamalou-Les-Bains , France

• Karen Betts
Permanent Cosmetic Artist

• Louise McMichael
Camouflage Practitioner

• Nadira Persaud
Make-up Artist